I bought my first movie camera when I was 9 years old. It was clockwork, shot 3 minutes of film and required much careful planning of the shots to get a good result. Thankfully, despite all the developments in digital technology, forward planning has remained an essential part of the film making process. In an age when thousands of hours of footage is shot every week – well thought out, relevant and engaging films are what clients are demanding.

Film making is a collaborative process and whether working as a shooting director or a D.O.P it is essential to have a clear understanding of how to get the best out of people – be they nervous interviewees, trained actors or someone who loves the camera a little too much !!! My clients are interested in people – what fascinates them, what excites them and what they have to say. Together we make films which are both believable and meaningful with a sharp focus on the successful communication of a story, a message or an idea – whether it’s a 30 second trailer, a 10 minute short film or a feature length production.


Selected Clients

Unilever, Nissan, Lloyds, Simon and Schuster, Egmont Press, Ebury Publishing, Thames Valley Housing, NHS South East Coast, 3663, Nescafe, Action For Women, La Salle, Action Medical Research, Templar Publishing, CILIP.



Full Broadcast quality HD ( 1920X1080) Camera Rig – Sony EX1 with Nanoflash (50mbs), matte box, rails, follow focus; SG Blade Lens adaptor with set of Nikon prime lenses; Canon 5d Mk2 DSLR with full set of lenses; Senheisser 416 microphone; 3 radio mics; set of Arri tungsten lights; slider; Manfrotto tripod ( extends to 5 metres) Additional hire items listed on request.