I have worked in all areas of the healthcare sector photographing in acute hospitals, GP surgeries, the community and emergency services. Much of my work has been for annual reports, healthcare campaigns and public engagement initiatives and I have a very wide experience and understanding of contemporary healthcare issues. My clients trust me to work in a wide range of situations from special baby care units, open heart surgery, intensive care wards as well as out in the community with those receiving care from a wide range of services.





I was invited to shoot adverts on the basis of much of the work I was producing for magazines which in turn had been driven by a long standing interest in showing life as it really is. I have shot many campaigns where the phrase ” real people in real situations” has been a constant request. People today are very advertising literate and increasingly demand that companies talk to them in a believable and direct way. I have shot campaigns for Vodafone, Sony, Arriva Trains, Abbey National,¬† Yoplait, Mastercard, Yorkshire Bank and KPMG amongst others working with most of the major UK agencies including Saatchi and Saatchi, TBWA, BMP, McCann Erickson and D’Arcy’s.





These are just a selection of some of the ways in which my images have been published – from magazines and corporate brochures to billboard advertising posters. Print remains a vibrant and immediate way to access photography and continues to hold its own in a digital age. I have avoided including everything as it would be overwhelming and have focused on tearsheets which best demonstrate the range of my client base.





For most photographers getting published regularly in a major magazine was always seen as a great way to reach a wide audience with their photo stories. I have worked for a wide range of editorial clients Рsaturday and sunday colour  supplements, daily newspapers, international news magazines and specialist trade and business publications. Editorial work allows you to get out into the world and explore and many of my self initiated projects have made their way into the pages of magazines where picture editors have provided the necessary backing to allow me to work over extended periods. I have shot over 25 feature stories in this way for the Independent On Saturday Magazine, covering subjects as diverse as the last end of pier show in Cromer to shotgun weddings in Gretna Green.





My work for corporate clients, be they blue chips or SME’s, has always involved focusing on the people who make a company thrive, showing them at their best. I have made myself invisible in boardrooms where matters of the utmost confidentiality are being discussed and coaxed the best out of staff on the shop floor where a reluctance to be photographed is all to common. On all occasions my clients have trusted me to work freely knowing that I will bring the back images which help them show a wider audience exactly what they are all about.